Collection: Antler Handle Knives

Preorders are $50 and NON-REFUNDABLE! Orders will typically ship within 9 weeks.

The Haymaker Difference

Step into the world of Haymaker Customs, where the fusion of rugged tradition and modern elegance is embodied in our exquisite collection of antler handle knives. Each knife is a testament to the artistry of the blade and the unique story that every antler tells. Pre-ordering gives you a choice between a stainless, black, or stonewash hardware, each promising unparalleled durability and a cutting edge.

Whether you’re a collector, a chef, an outdoorsman, or someone who appreciates fine tools, our custom knives with antler handles are more than just instruments—they are companions on every adventure. With Haymaker Customs, you’re not just buying a knife; you’re forging a bond with nature, art, and history.